A survey reveals that 42% of investors expect the price of Bitcoin to reach USD 15,000 by 2020

A survey conducted by leading crypto custodian Bitcoin IRA revealed that 42% of the platform’s customers expect Bitcoin’s price (BTC) to exceed USD 15,000 by the end of 2020.

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According to a June 29 announcement, Bitcoin IRA surveyed more than 300 of its customers who answered its questions voluntarily. A staggering 57% of those surveyed also said they buy and own crypto currencies as a long-term investment.

Bitcoin IRA has high expectations of Bitcoin

Bitcoin IRA marketing manager Mike Schrobo told Cointelegraph that all the respondents were retail investors. When asked if the company believes the price forecast is accurate, he said:

„We strongly believe in the long-term fundamental benefits and value propositions that crypto currencies provide to our financial system. It is likely that pressures to raise prices will continue as the adoption and scarcity of Bitcoin increases, and as the global supply of trust money increases during the pandemic.

The survey also revealed that 53% of respondents are interested in earning interest on their investments, either through loans or other investments. In addition, 46% also showed interest in investing in precious metals, 36% in cannabis and 9% in films.

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Cointelegraph reported at the end of May that the CEO of a market research company even said that Bitcoin System could take on the role of gold to safeguard value in the future as the world increasingly goes digital.