CPF to be the ‚validator‘ of Covid vaccine blockchain system in Brazil

Coronavirus vaccination system in Brazil will have CPF registered in blockchain and proof that can be printed using QR Code

CPF will be the ‚validator‘ of the blockchain system of the Covid vaccine in BrasilNOTÍCIAS

The Ministry of Health stated that the Cadastro de Pessoas Físicas, CPF, will be the indispensable document for the Covid-19 vaccination system.

Thus, unlike the other vaccines applied in the Single Health System, SUS, the Caderneta de Vaccinação will not be the valid document to be immunized against the coronavirus.

„Unlike other campaigns, it will require the identification of the citizen, through the use of the CPF,“ said the director of the Department of Informatics of SUS, Jacson Venâncio de Barros

In this way, the Ministry of Health intends to have greater control over the distribution of vaccines.

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According to the Ministry, this is essential to prevent a person from taking different doses of immunizers, as well as allowing the tracking of possible adverse reactions.

„Today, we have one, two, three possible vaccines to apply. And when we have four, 10? If we have no control, the patient can take one dose of vaccine A, and we have to prevent him from taking a second dose of vaccine B,“ Venâncio said.

CPF and Blockchain registration

Thus, in the vaccination system for coronavirus being developed in Brazil the CPF will be the „validator“ of the user in the blockchain platform of the Ministry.

Vaccination against Coronavirus in Brazil will be registered in blockchain by the Ministry of Health
According to Elmo Raposo Oliveira, System Development Coordinator – DATASUS in the Ministry of Health, when the citizen takes the vaccine against the coronavirus this data will be registered within the National Health Data Network (RNDS), blockchain application, built with Hyperledger Fabric.

„Then the vaccine of Covid-19 will already be within our structure of the National Health Data Network, NSDN. So when you take the vaccine you will already hit the NNDS here and we will already know who took it,“ he said.

Also according to the Ministry the citizen, after taking the vaccine and having your data registered in blockchain, you can print your vaccination certificate by accessing a QRCode.

This QR Code will be issued on a platform of the Single Health System (SUS): each vaccinated person can save or share the proof.

In this way, as the data will be registered in blockchain it can be validated by third parties, including the use of a security key to ensure authenticity.

Currently all coronavirus tests done in Brazil are already registered in the blockchain-based system of the Ministry of Health.

„The first test has been done with Covid’s exams. All the laboratories that perform this test in Brazil are connected with the NSDS and record the results of the test on the network,“ said the director of the Ministry.

The vaccination of the population against the coronavirus should begin in January for the whole of Brazil.

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However, in the state of São Paulo, vaccination may begin in December due to an agreement by the state government with the company Sinovac.