Where will Bitcoin be in 2 years?

eToro comments in a tweet that the price of Bitcoin could multiply in the next two years based on historical evidence.

Everyone’s wondering where Bitcoin is going. In the last few months, the crypto world has witnessed the biggest rally in BTC history. It has positioned the crypt currency well above $30,000, in a trend that has led it to reach historical highs almost daily. That’s why eToro comments in today’s Tweet on BTC’s growth history, suggesting where Bitcoin will be in 2 years time:

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The next years of Bitcoin

One of the things that’s become clear in recent years is that Bitcoin is, without a doubt, the world’s best performing financial asset. This despite the vision of the skeptical crypto, for whom BTC is only a speculative product, with no real value behind it, and therefore destined to fail.

Thus, despite the distrust of the markets, Bitcoin has managed to outperform any other financial product in the markets. Multiplying several times its value since its birth eleven years ago, and entering a long term upward trend that has taken it to the $36,899.70 it currently trades at.

For this reason, the trading platform eToro has published on its Twitter account the progress that the price of Bitcoin has made over the last four years. Showing how in such a short period of time, BTC has gone from $800 to its current price.
eToro suggests that the price of Bitcoin will continue to rise over the next few years. Source. CoinDeskeToro suggests that the price of Bitcoin will continue to rise for the next few years. Source. CoinDesk

„A Bitcoin is worth $35,000 today. 1 Bitcoin was worth $3,200 2 years ago. 1 Bitcoin was worth $800 4 years ago We’re just getting warmed up.

So with this tweet, eToro suggests that the Bitcoin advance has only just begun. And that we could therefore see a further substantial increase in its price in the next two years. That’s as long as the current upward trend continues long enough.